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Fiber Production and Processing

For Aerospace, Medical, and High Performance Applications

EDSI is a Fiber and Filament Producer engaged in the Conversion of various Polymers into Multiple Filament Yarn and Manufacturer of Custom Design Machinery. Operations include Production of Conventional or Novel Fibers and Client Driven Fiber Conversion and Development as Requested. We Engineer Discrete Components or Complete Systems, including, Redesign, Repair, and Alteration of Existing Equipment.

Products & Services include: Re-sorbable, Water Soluble, Conventional Continuous Filament, PEEK, Bi-Component, Crimped or Air Textured, and Staple Fibers. Development Services for Polymers, Fibers, Specialty Materials, Machinery, Contract Conversion, and High Performance Applications. Consulting Services are available upon Request.

Meeting You Where Your At

EDSI is Ready to Meet Your Business Needs. Our Services Take You "Where You Want To Go From Here." We Discuss Products and Product Applications with Customers, Defining User Requirements for Fiber Properties, and Characteristics in Detail and in Confidence.

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